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How a Veteran in Tennessee Finally Got Their Home Closed

How a Veteran in Tennessee Finally Got Their Home Closed

Let's explore Rob Gordon's journey, a true saga of resilience meeting the right help in the nick of time. Rob and his wife have been caring for their two grandchildren, ages 11 and 12. They wanted to move to Tennessee so they could be closer to their grandchildren's extended family. This became even more important after the passing of their father.

A Veteran's Good Deed Faces Unexpected Hurdles

Rob, in a nice gesture to help another veteran in Arizona, sold his home via an assumption loan. This meant the buyer would assume Rob's VA loan at a beneficial 2.5% interest rate. Although straightforward, the process ended up being more complicated than they anticipated.

Closing Battles and Struggle with Delays

The Gordons faced numerous delays and uncertainties while closing their Arizona home, which they needed to do before securing their new Tennessee home. They had hoped to close this year on May 4th, only to face repeated rescheduling. Thankfully, the Tennessee home sellers let the Gordons move in on the 5th despite the ongoing issues in Arizona. This isn't a typical move recommended by anyone, but at the time, all signs pointed to a sure thing, and the moving van had arrived.

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Tackling and Overcoming VA Loan Obstacles

Rob felt stressed due to his VA benefit limits, which prohibited having two home loans at the combined value. Selling the Arizona home was necessary before buying the Tennessee home. As the closing in Arizona was delayed further to the 19th, anxiety rose for both the Gordons and the Tennessee sellers. The Gordons thought it'd be heartbreaking, expensive, and nerve-wracking to have to move again, even if it was only for a short time. They had settled into the Tennessee home, and they wanted to stay.

Justin and the NAF Cash Program to the Rescue

At this point, Justin Lusk, a Sr. Loan Consultant from New American Funding, an affiliate company of NAF Cash, brought up the NAF Cash service. Rob vividly recalls, "Justin was on top of it, and he treated me like it was his dealings. He took it very personal." The Gordons, living in the new Tennessee house already, could quickly submit a cash offer for it, thanks to the program. That immediately reduced the tension.

Justin was on top of it, and he treated me like it was his dealings. He took it very personal.

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A Happy Ending with Major Cost Savings

Finally, when the Arizona home closed, the Gordons repurchased the Tennessee home on June 1st. Rob estimates that the NAF Cash service saved them about $30,000 in potential moving and storage costs. The convenience fee for the NAF Cash service paled compared to the overall savings and stress relief it provided.

NAF Cash: Simplifying the Homebuying Journey

NAF Cash helps homebuyers like the Gordons by making financial steps easier.

Securing Preapproval: It starts with understanding your budget. Preapproval sets the stage for a successful house hunt.

Making a Competitive Cash Offer: Cash is king in today's market. NAF Cash can make an offer on your behalf, making it more attractive.

Completing Your Home Purchase: Once your offer is accepted, NAF Cash completes the purchase, letting you move forward confidently.

Streamlining the Move-In Process: You can move into your new home sooner, avoiding temporary housing, additional moving costs, or unplanned showings.

Flexible Buyback Option: After selling your old home, you can buy back your new one from NAF Cash, providing a smooth transition.

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How Veterans Can Win More with NAF Cash

Veterans like Rob can benefit from NAF Cash and take advantage of a competitive cash offer. They can then use their VA benefits to purchase the home back from NAF Cash.

Covered Full Appraisal: NAF Cash handles appraisal costs, saving you out-of-pocket expenses.

Low Earnest Money Amount for VA Borrowers: A minimal 1.5% Earnest Money Deposit makes securing a home more accessible.

Guaranteed Earnest Money Return: Your earnest money is returned unless you withdraw, offering security.

Eliminating Seller Resistance: With NAF Cash, sellers see you as a serious buyer.

Speedier Closings: NAF Cash provides faster closings, getting you into your new home sooner.

Choosing NAF Cash for VA transactions means a smoother, quicker, and more informed homebuying experience.

Wrapping Up the Gordons' Real Estate Journey

As we celebrate the Gordons' successful journey, it’s heartwarming to see how their resilience and Justin Lusk's invaluable assistance played a key role. We send our best wishes to the Gordon family as they start this new chapter in Tennessee, and a special shoutout to Justin for his exceptional dedication and support throughout their journey. His efforts not only led to significant cost savings for the Gordons, but also ensured a smooth and stress-free transition to their new home. Here's to new beginnings and the remarkable people who help make them happen!

In real estate, particularly for veterans, a partner like NAF Cash can help transform daunting challenges into seamless successes. 

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