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Make Your Offer Irresistible With NAF Cash

Cash offers are a powerful tool that gives homebuyers and sellers the advantage in any market.

Whether you are facing a multiple offer situation or need a quick close, cash offers provide more certainty and speed than traditionally financed offers. Sellers are also more likely to offer discounts, which can save you money.

NAF Cash eliminates the burden of selling your existing home before moving into your new one. Reducing the stress of a tight timeline, finding a short-term place to live, paying storage fees, and showing your home while you still live there.

How It Works

Step 1

Get pre-approved through our affiliated company, New American Funding.

Step 2

Make an all-cash offer on your new home with NAF Cash.

Step 3

NAF Cash purchases the home so you can move in right away.

Step 4

For those with a previous home, you can sell at your own pace.

Step 5

Complete the mortgage process with New American Funding.

Step 6

Use your new mortgage to officially buy your home from NAF Cash.

Why Use NAF Cash?


NAF Cash gives you the certainty of buying without contingencies and the security of knowing your purchase will close.

Competitive Advantage

Cash offers have a competitive advantage in all markets. Sellers are more likely to accept cash offers over traditional financing.

Less Stress

NAF Cash allows you to move into your new home before you sell your existing home. So you can move …without the hassle of a tight timeline.


Using cash speeds up the homebuying process, so you’ll close faster (which sellers love).

Cost Savings

Sellers are more likely to offer discounts to cash buyers*, so you may be able to save money using NAF Cash.

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