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Moving to Virginia Beach with Young Kids Could Be Easier; Find Out How

Moving to Virginia Beach with Young Kids Could Be Easier; Find Out How

Moving is a significant event, particularly when it involves relocating to a city like Virginia Beach. This city is famous for being friendly and good for families. It has both peaceful beaches and neighborhoods perfect for kids. Yet, the process of moving can be challenging for families. This guide will show you an easier way to move to Virginia Beach, making things less stressful for you and your kids.

Why Traditional Ways Fall Short

When moving with kids, a common situation is selling a property to finance a new home. The usual methods include listing your home while you still live in it. You also make offers on a new home, but only if you can get financing and sell your current home.

This approach hurts you in two ways:

  1. When you buy a house, your offer has to compete with others.
  2. When you sell a house, it's stressful to keep it clean and find somewhere to go for showings.
  3. Empty and staged homes usually get higher offers.

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You may have already experienced these for yourself or have been prepared for them by your Real Estate Agent. Instead, let's discuss a different approach. This approach will make your life easier and give you more negotiation power. It'll also allow you to move into your new home sooner and secure the best sale on your previous house.

Why Cash is the Winning Hand (and You Can Play That Game, too)

All-cash offers have risen in popularity, and it's no wonder they appeal to sellers. Cash offers are preferable to offers with conditions, such as financing, home sale, or appraisal, even if they offer more money. A cash offer might be slightly lower or the same as the asking price, but it has the advantage of certainty and a quick closing. From the seller's perspective, they can be sure that the deal won't fall through and can move on to their next adventure, too.

In the past, only the wealthy, investors, and older generations with a lot of home equity could use this power move. But how is a young or older Millennial able to compete in this market? You can use NAF Cash to simplify the process and give you the all-cash offer power too.

Here's how NAF Cash operates:

  1. Preapproval: Kickstart your home search by getting preapproved.
  2. Cash Offer: NAF Cash offers to buy your chosen home with cash, avoiding delays caused by contingencies.
  3. Home Purchase: NAF Cash acquires the home for you once the offer is accepted.
  4. Move-In: Transitioning into your new home is a massive relief, especially with children.
  5. Buyback: After selling your old house, buy your new home back from NAF Cash, paying a rental fee for the interim.

NAF Cash Process

Around 27% of buyers are cash buyers . They can buy homes quicker and at lower prices, potentially saving about 11% . Studies show that staged homes tend to sell faster, also. This number applies even to virtual staging, which is a cost-effective alternative.

Making the Move: The Tice Family's Experience with NAF Cash

Justin Lusk

Austin and Catherine Tice, a couple with young kids, had to tackle the task of moving to their dream home while selling their current house. They chose a beautiful home on a golf course that had also caught the eye of other potential buyers. Justin Lusk, a Senior Loan Consultant at New American Funding, an affiliate of NAF Cash, offered them the perfect solution.

Here's how NAF Cash facilitated the Tices' transition:

  1. Competitive Home Purchase: The Tices used NAF Cash to make a cash offer on a desired golf course home in Greenbrier, Tennessee. This service instantly made them strong competitors in a competitive market.
  2. Seamless Transition: The program made it easy for them to move into their new home without selling their old one immediately.
  3. Stress-Free Selling Experience: Renting their new home first allowed them to sell their old home without the usual rush and stress.
  4. Optimized Sale Outcome: The Tices could take their time and present their previous home well, resulting in a higher sale price.


The Tice family experienced many advantages with the NAF Cash Program. They also sold their old home at their own pace. This service reduced the stress associated with balancing showings and family life and moving in general.

Making Virginia Beach Your Home with Ease

As you get ready to leave your old house and move to Virginia Beach, think about how the move is just as important as the place you're going to. Virginia Beach is more than a spot on the map. It's a place where your family can put down roots, your kids can find friends for life, and every evening by the beach can end with an amazing sunset. NAF Cash helps make it easier for you to get there, working with you to make your Virginia Beach house dream come true.

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P.S. Don't forget, moving to a new house with your family is supposed to be exciting and fun, not just about packing and boxes. With NAF Cash, you're doing more than just moving—you're making a smart move to a new life by the beach in Virginia Beach. A life full of fun times by the water and cool new things to do. Ready to make your move easy? See how NAF Cash can help you out.

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